Best Ways to Prep Your Landscape Plants for the Summer Heat

Best Ways to Prep Your Landscape Plants for the Summer Heat

Summers in Michigan can be hard on lawns, landscape plants, and trees. With average temperatures hovering in the 70s, your plants can feel stressed from the heat and lack of water. But that doesn’t mean your garden can’t look terrific all season.

With a few simple tweaks to your landscape construction and maintenance chores, you can keep your yard green, healthy, and thriving throughout the hot summer season. Let’s find out more.

Landscaping Tips for Your Garden in the Summer

As the summer heat approaches, it’s important to ensure your garden thrives in the scorching temperatures. Because the intense heat can take a toll on landscape plants, you must prepare them for everything that summer brings their way.

How? Good question.

There are several simple and effective ways to help your garden stay lush and healthy throughout the summer months. Let’s explore the best ways to prep your garden for the heat.

Assessing Your Garden's Needs

Before diving headfirst into preparing your lawn for summer, take the time to assess its current condition. Evaluate soil moisture levels, check the health of your plants, and identify areas that receive the most sun exposure. Understanding your garden’s needs is crucial for planning appropriate care strategies.

Watering Techniques for Summer Green Landscaping

You need proper hydration to keep your lawn thriving in the summer. Deep watering is the most effective method to ensure adequate hydration for your plants. Water your garden early in the morning or late in the evening to reduce moisture loss due to evaporation. Consider rain barrels or drip irrigation systems to conserve water during dry periods.

Mulching for Moisture Retention

Mulching is a vital practice to retain soil moisture and regulate temperature. Organic mulches like wood chips or straw not only conserve water, but also provide essential nutrients as they break down. Synthetic mulches, such as rubber or plastic, offer long-lasting benefits. To refresh the appearance of faded mulch and enhance aesthetics, use mulch coloring spray.

Seeking Professional Mulch Installers and Lawn Fertilizer Services

For a consistent and even mulch application, consider enlisting the services of professional mulch installers in your area. They have the expertise to ensure your garden looks immaculate. Additionally, local lawn fertilizer services can boost plant growth and health. When searching for service providers, opt for reputable companies like Victory Lawnscape. We’re here to make mulching your garden a whole lot easier. Give us a call and we’ll arrive at your door as soon as possible!

Importance of Landscape Construction and Design

Thoughtful landscape construction can help create a garden that can withstand the challenges of summer. Hardscapes, such as pathways and retaining walls, reduce the impact of heat on your yard. Incorporate shade-providing structures and heat-resistant plants in your landscape design to create a more hospitable environment for your plants.

When preparing your lawn for summer, understand how the sun moves across your garden. Doing this will help you position plants according to their heat tolerance. For example, you can place sun-loving plants in areas that receive full sunlight. Shade-loving plants could go to places with afternoon shade.

Position taller plants and trees to protect smaller, more heat-sensitive plants.

Add a water feature, like a pond or fountain, as part of your summer green landscaping.

Implementing Tips from Expert References

Drawing insights from industry experts can offer valuable guidance. Reference reliable sources on landscape construction like Bob Vila, The Seattle Times, and Growing in the Garden for additional knowledge and tips on how to prepare your lawn for summer.

Preparing Plants for Extreme Heat

As temperatures soar, take specific steps to prepare your plants for extreme heat waves. Pruning and deadheading can help redirect energy to healthier growth areas. Providing extra shade during heat waves protects delicate plants from direct sunlight. Also, hire lawn fertilizer services in your area to ensure your plants get adequate nutrition.

Protecting Plants During Heat Waves

During heat waves or prolonged extreme heat, you need additional protection for your plants. Consider using shade cloth or temporary sunscreens to shield them from the intense sun. Misting your plants can also help keep them cool during the hottest hours.


Proactively preparing your landscape plants for the challenges of summer heat is essential to maintain a vibrant and flourishing garden. Assess your garden’s needs, employ proper watering techniques, mulch, and seek professional assistance to ensure your garden remains healthy and resilient throughout the summer.

Incorporate landscape construction and design to create a garden that withstands the heat and follow expert tips for added guidance. With these practices in place, your garden will thrive even in the hottest months, so you have a beautiful outdoor space to relax during those long summer evenings.

Need help with your landscape construction? Look no further than Victory Lawnscape. We’re your go-to guys for all things landscaping- from mulching and aeration to sprinkler winterization and tree/shrub health. Call us for more information today!

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