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Can Grass Clippings Be Good for My Lawn?

There is something alluring and relaxing about the smell of freshly cut grass. It reminds us of the pleasant weather and the liveliness of the season. It is packaged into candles, incense, and essential oils to be enjoyed any time of year. The smell even has a fascinating purpose- it is a chemical distress signal that grasses use to attract the predators of the insects which frequently munch on them. There is a frustrating byproduct of cutting grass that can outshine the pleasant aroma; however, the grass clippings are produced. Before you reach for the broom or leaf blower, consider these benefits to leaving the clippings on your lawn instead.

Nutrients for Your Lawn

Leaving grass clippings does not just leave a snack for insects; it leaves behind food for your lawn. Although the amounts are much smaller than traditional fertilizing products and techniques, grass clippings do contain crucial nutrients such as nitrogen and potassium. Think of it as giving your plants a multivitamin to complement their normal meal.  


It is also good for the environment in another way- it keeps plastic out of landfills. If you bag your grass clippings and throw them away, they will not end up in a place where they can naturally decompose. In fact, the EPA found that in 2018 approximately 10.5 million tons of yard trimmings had found their way into landfills. It accounted for 7.2% of municipal solid waste for the year.


A common misconception that leaving grass clippings behind will automatically result in thatch, the naturally occuring layer of decomposed stems. Clippings will decompose far too quickly to contribute to this. However, there are some instances in which you will want to avoid leaving grass clippings behind. If there are any signs of disease on your lawn, grass clippings will only exacerbate the issue. If your lawn is too high, too thick, or too wet, it can block the flow of fresh air by either matting down or sticking together and creating a barrier. In these cases, you should instead compost them, use the grass clippings elsewhere on your property (such as the backyard), or perhaps ask your neighbors if they could put them to good use.

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Lawn Care Made Easy

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