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Does Backyard Mosquito Spray Really Work?

It is almost impossible to avoid mosquitos in Michigan. Our natural topography has plenty of wetlands, forests, and humid environments, the combination of which makes for ideal breeding grounds with no shortage of food supply. Unfortunately, this can have some serious consequences for humans, as made evident in yearly outbreaks of West Nile since 2002 and 2020’s Eastern Equine Encephalitis outbreak. Now that mosquito season is in full swing it is time to take some necessary precautions, starting in our own backyards backyard mosquito spray.

Backyard Mosquito Spray: The Process

Professional mosquito control works by targeting the entire life cycle of a mosquito over the course of the summer, ensuring that both eggs and hatched insects have been removed. Products that you use yourself may need to be applied more frequently, which can cost more money in the long run. The number of applications required can vary by factors such as humidity and proximity to standing water, where they lay their eggs, but one application per month during the warm season is generally enough. 

Before any spray is applied, your yard will be thoroughly examined to identify key areas that are mosquito-prone or that these insects already call home. Applying the same amount of spray across your entire yard will use an unnecessary amount of chemicals, causing more harm than good.

The Alternatives

While it is true that certain scents such as citronella and eucalyptus are known repellents, a candle and some essential oils are not going to be enough. Unless a product has been EPA certified it is unknown how effective it will be and how long any impact made is going to last. Using lots of candles in hopes that it will be enough can pose a fire safety hazard and any benefits experienced are simply not worth the hassle of having to remain vigilant while they are lit. Many insect repellants are also extremely flammable, so if you plan to use any outdoor sprays yourself you absolutely should not do so with live flames present.

Trapping systems might be useful for killing mosquitoes, but they will not have a significant impact on your mosquito population. If the eggs have already been laid then your mosquito problem will inevitably return. These bugs do not require large amounts of water to lay their eggs either. A single clogged gutter can will be spacious enough for the next generation to hatch and thrive.

Timed-misting systems might be effective at killing mosquitoes, but they are very effective at killing other things too. They release an extremely excessive amount of chemicals that can do serious harm to pollinating populations such as bees and butterflies, aquatic life, as well as humans and pets. The persistent release of chemicals can also help mosquitoes build resistance to insecticides, making them harder to kill. 

Other Tips

Keep an eye out for any standing water, even in small amounts.  A little puddle on overturned toys or lawn furniture might make for an excellent breeding ground. Make sure your drainage systems are working properly to prevent the presence of mosquitoes as well as water damage to your property.

Mosquitoes also prefer places with grass and tall weeds, so keeping your lawn cut and clear of weeds and debris will also discourage breeding on your property. Keeping your lawn at the appropriate length will also discourage ticks, grubs, and promote healthier grass.

The Risks

The downsides to using backyard mosquito spray have less to do with the product itself, but rather the consequences of using it improperly. When not handled by a professional it can damage your yard, harm other wildlife in the area (including pets), lead to insecticide resistance, and put you and your family at serious risk of chemical exposure.

To keep you and your loved ones safe from both bugs and chemicals, contact the professionals at Victory Lawnscape to schedule a mosquito control spray of your backyard. We will make sure that our backyard mosquito spray services only target those unwanted insects so you and your family can safely enjoy your backyard all summer long.

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