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Don’t Skip The Spring Yard Clean-up

Maintaining a healthy, clean yard is more important than many people may realize.  Not only is it far more visually appealing, having a yard that is well taken care of will help property value, improve the soil quality, and prevent serious erosion after storms.  If you have been neglecting your yard and do not know where to start, there is no better time than spring clean-up.  

Remove Last Season’s Annuals

Annual plants from last season are fairly easy to recognize.  After the first hard frost, they are prone to turning brown and withering.  Not only is this unsightly, but their presence can also attract unwanted organisms to your property.  Plenty of insects and other pests are more than happy to make a home wherever there is dead plant material for them to live off of.  Last season’s annuals can also grow mold and mildew on their leaves and blossoms which spread to newly grown plants in the spring.    

Remove Debris

Leaves or fallen foliage can become ideal breeding grounds for mold, mildew, and insects as well.  Removing them also makes it easier for you to access soil and loosen it, as it may have compacted during the winter.  This is especially important if you have flower beds in your yard because oxygen is more easily accessible to the roots if the soil is loose.  Water also has an easier time moving through soil that is not compacted.  Man-made debris such as litter is also known to deposit harmful, unwanted toxins into your lawn and should be removed immediately.  

Spring Yard Clean-upRemove Thatch

Thatch, or clumps of dead grass, can accumulate on your lawn.  If layers of dead grass remain it becomes harder for necessary nutrients such as moisture and sunlight to reach the roots of healthy grass.  Your lawn may struggle to thrive long-term as a result of being denied the things that are essential to growth. 

Mow the Grass

Keeping your grass at an ideal length goes beyond spring yard clean-up, it is something that you should strive to do year-round.  Grass that is left to grow without proper trimming can lead to uneven growth and discoloration.  Further, some cities have regulations regarding how high grass on your property can grow.  Fortunately for you, Victory Lawnscape’s weekly lawn mowing service is available to keep your yard as verdant and pristine as can be.  For more information on our spring clean-upweekly lawn mowing, lawn fertilization, and other services contact us today. 

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