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How to Deal with Moles in Your Lawn

Moles may look cute in pictures, but when they’re tearing up your lawn, you just want to get rid of them! Yard moles are a common problem homeowners deal with every year – and these pesky creatures can be active year-round.

Are Moles Rodents?

Moles are not rodents, but they ARE mammals that burrow in your yard underground. Because of their physical features, many people believe they are some type of rodent, similar to rats.

However, they are very different creatures in many ways.

Rats are more troublesome in that they are more destructive and are attracted to humans. They are smart, want to eat food and trash, and make a home where you live. As a result, rats may find a way inside your home.

On the other hand, moles are destructive to your yard but are loners, not attracted to humans, and won’t purposefully find their way inside your home. They dig and tunnel but do not eat plant or tree roots. Instead, they are insectivores, using their tunnels to find worms and other insects to eat. In the process, though, they uproot your yard and landscaping. When they infest your yard in large numbers, they can cause extensive damage.

Have Signs of Moles in Yard or Garden Areas?

Do you see patches of dead grass, molehills, or raised ridges forming lines that criss-cross the yard? Do you have raised dirt mounds, or does your yard feel squishy when you walk on it?

These are all signs of moles beneath your lawn! If you answered yes to any of these questions, you might have moles in your yard. You can also have moles in your garden, so look for molehills and lines of ridges.

You may find moles in backyard spaces, the front yard, or both. They may also appear in garden beds, vegetable gardens, and beneath mulch. They are often found along fencing or garden borders.

Have Moles in Garden and Lawn Areas?

When moles show up in your yard or garden, they’re looking for food. They eat earthworms, lawn insects, and grubs. Fertile soil and cool temperatures make a yard welcoming to moles. Like the earthworms they eat, moles also enjoy soft, damp earth.

Should I Get Rid of Moles in my Yard?

Moles in small numbers can aerate your yard and cause little to no damage. Once their food source is gone, they may move on. However, moles in large numbers can cause significant

damage to your yard or garden. In that case, you need to deal with them by running them off or eliminating them.

Wondering How To Get Rid of Moles?

DIY solutions

These DIY answers for dealing with moles all take time and patience. None of them involve killing the moles. Instead, these mole remedies intend to get the moles out of your yard by running them off.

Remove their food source: earthworms, insects, and grubs can all be eliminated or controlled in your yard. Many yard insect and pest control products are available at your local garden or home improvement stores. Calling a yard service for this purpose is also an option.

Mole repellent: Mole repellants are available in granule or liquid forms at local garden or home improvement stores.

Dig and Fill a Trench: When moles infest a specific area you want to protect, you may consider digging a trench and filling it with rocks. The channel needs to be about two feet deep and six inches wide to be an effective barrier for moles. The trench can also serve as a pretty border for a garden or landscaping.

How to Kill Ground Moles

Sadly, the best option to quickly deal with moles is to kill them. If you’re wondering how to kill moles in your yard, there are three primary ways to accomplish this:

Poison: mole poison is available at many stores that carry yard supplies. It usually comes in granulated form and can be placed in the mole’s main tunnels. Follow all directions on the bag for the safest and best results.

Traps: you will find mole traps at some stores that carry yard supplies. Using a trap means you will have to retrieve the trap and the dead mole. Use caution and follow all instructions carefully to avoid injury. There are also more humane trap and release devices available.

Smoke: There are methods available to fill the mole tunnels with smoke. The idea is to suffocate the mole with the smoke or make it run away. Smoking methods are available at local home improvement stores or stores that sell yard supplies.

Yard Mole Removal Services

If you have an uncontrollable yard mole infestation or are uncomfortable dealing with moles yourself, consider calling a yard mole removal service. Professional mole exterminators offer effective mole control. Mole removal service professionals will safely monitor mole activity, then quickly and efficiently remove moles from your yard.

Can I Remove Moles Permanently?

It is challenging to eliminate moles from your yard permanently. They are found in most parts of North America and are a prevalent yard pest. The best you can do is monitor mole activity and deal with it as it arises.

Victory Landscape

Grub control is one way to deter moles from making your yard and garden their home. Victory Lawnscape offers grub control, helping you eliminate the main food source that pesky moles love to eat. Our annual application provides season-long control of grubs and other root-feeding insects. Grub control is an effective method for lawn mole control. Contact Victory Lawnscape today online or by calling (586) 453-0501.

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