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Keeping A Healthy Lawn During Summer Months

Dry air and blistering heat might be inevitable in the summer, but letting your lawn sit and bake in the sun is easily avoidable. A consistent yet simple lawn care routine can keep the ground cool and moist, the grass sturdy, and an overall healthy lawn during summer. We have highlighted the key areas to be mindful of when providing summer lawn care.  

Healthy Lawn Watering

Watering during the summer can be a little tricky because the time of day can make a huge difference. Watering in the afternoon can cause the water to evaporate quickly and watering in the evening can encourage fungal growth and rot. It is best that you try to water before ten in the morning. If you need to water during a dry spell remember to do so infrequently and for extended periods of time. Doing so too frequently or in smaller amounts can put great stress on the grass as it promotes growth of shorter roots. One inch of water per week is the most commonly accepted rule of thumb. 

Healthy Lawn Mowing

Maintaining the right height for your grass serves two very important purposes in the summertime. First, grass that grows higher will naturally have longer, sturdier roots. These long roots are able to access moisture deep in the soil that may not be as easily accessible closer to the surface. Sturdy roots also lead to an overall healthier lawn. The second is that longer blades of grass provide natural shade to the soil. Cooler soil does not require as much water as warm soil, saving you a little money in the long run. After you mow be sure to leave the clippings on your lawn, as they provide additional nutrients. 

Healthy Lawn Feeding

Of course, those clippings alone will not be enough. Your grass is competing with microbes and other organisms, and within six to eight weeks of feeding your lawn, the microbes present will have processed most of it. It is advised that you start feeding regularly early in the summer, before higher temperatures hit, so the grass and soil will be strong and healthy enough to endure extreme heat and drought conditions. A well-fed lawn is also capable of fending off weeds by growing so thick that they have no room to poke through. If your lawn goes dormant it is recommended to hold off on feeding until after the next rain wakes it up.

Healthy Lawn Grub Control

The best time to fight off grubs is early in the summer. This is when most of the adults lay eggs, which later hatch in mid to late summer. If you have problems with grubs in the previous year or have a neighbor who is currently struggling with grubs, we have an annual application that will protect your lawn from them all summer long. To learn more about how Victory Lawnscape can keep your lawn lush, verdant, and healthy any time of year give us a call or send an email today.

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