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Michigan Spring Lawn Care Tips

When you start feeling the start of spring, you will notice the return of daffodils and see the first crocuses that usually mark the beginning of the season. But these signs are not there for you to be nostalgic about your previous spring season. This means you should start prepping your lawn and get it ready for the growing season. During the first month of spring in Michigan, the temperature could drop slightly below zero to about 27 °F or -3 °C. But things will get a bit better during later months.

Here are some spring lawn care tips you need to consider before the start of the season.

Raking Deeply

What most people don’t understand is that raking your lawn deeply is very important to prepare your lawn for new growth. Consider the thick thatch on your lawn. This is the layer of mostly dead turfgrass that lies between the top green vegetation of the grass and the root system and soil that lies below. When the thatch is more than half an inch thicker, this can be bad for the overall health of your grass.

Soil Aeration

A lawn that gets a lot of traffic all throughout the year can cause the soil to compact. Seeing moss on your lawn can indicate soil compaction because moss usually thrives on compacted soil. In this case, you need to aerate your soil. If your soil does not have high clay content, using a lawn aerator can help speed things up for you. This will help create openings in lawn turf that enables air and water to penetrate the soil and reach the grassroots.

Assess the Condition of Your Soil

Soil compaction is not the only thing you need to worry about your lawn. The presence of moss coating on the ground can also indicate acidic soil. Adding lime to your soil can help neutralize the acid and while this is not a quick fix, the lime will take hold of the soil gradually.

Use Good Fertilizer

Although there are many fertilizers available in the market, using a good quality fertilizer is the best choice. Also, by using compost and mulching mowers, you can be able to fertilize your lawn without damaging it. Although fertilizers can help you achieve a beautiful and healthy turf, too much of it can also lead to weed problems and other diseases common to grass.

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