Michigan Winter Lawn Care Tips

As fall turns into winter, it’s easy to forget what can make a big difference for your lawn. Whether you take measures on your own, with help, or hire a service, the following Michigan winter lawn care tips will assist your dormant grass’s return to life. Keep these in mind as the snow starts to fly. 

Late Fall and Early Winter Clean Up

Continue your fall cleanup into early winter. Check your fire pit and spare logs nearby, moving them to a dry area for use next year. Otherwise, the wood will start to rot over winter, create welcoming spaces for vermin and bugs to call home. 

Keeping your lawn, gutters, and walkways clear will help minimize the number of dead leaves and water being tracked into your home and cars throughout the winter months. Leaves are one of the biggest culprits in causing issues on lawns over winter, which can have a suffocating effect on grass. These leaves can also introduce disease and mold into your lawn.

Remember to inspect all your large plants, shrubs, and trees during this time. Any branches that are dead, dying, or close to your roof should be trimmed now. This way if ice builds up in the middle or late winter, you can rest assured you took preventative measures. Plus, your landscaping will be ready to grow and flourish in the spring. 

Watch Where You Walk, Literally

Especially in the harsh winters we experience in Michigan, foot traffic on your lawn after a frost will damage your lawn. Even the best grass can become damaged if walked on too many times during winter. During the cold, wet, icy, and snowy months the ground is more susceptible to compaction which damages grass roots. 

The Caring of Snow and Ice  

It’s a love-hate relationship when it comes to ice and snow. On the one hand, it’s beautiful to see. On the other hand, it can be challenging to navigate in a vehicle or to walk up a path without falling. While safe and clear walkways, driveways, and sidewalks are important, don’t merely throw ice melt or salt at will. Be careful to keep salt and ice melt off your lawn areas because it can kill the soil’s ability to hold water and nutrients. One way to ensure this at the end of the driveway is to have driveway markers or some other indicator. 

Tired of the fall and never-ending winter care of cleanup, pruning, snow, and ice? Victory Lawnscape is happy to help with any lawn care needs, including spring clean-up, fall clean-up, and snow and ice management. Send in your request for a free estimate today!

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