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Questions To Ask A Snow Removal Contractor

Michigan winters can be a period of major inconvenience for homeowners. You need a reputable snow removal contractor. Sidewalks and driveways become inaccessible due to heavy snowfall, and ice on the roads and pavements pose a serious safety hazard to drivers and pedestrians alike. Your family and visitors might have trouble coming over due to inclement weather. When the weather becomes this extreme it’s time to call a reliable snow removal contractor. Before you sign anything, here are some questions you should ask a snow removal contractor to ensure that you receive the high-quality service you deserve.

Is Your Company Bonded, Insured, Licensed, Certified, etc?

It’s a common-sense question but many people neglect to inquire, especially when presented with an all too tempting price. If it sounds too good to be true then chances are it probably is. Working with someone who does not have the proper credentials and insurance not only ensures you will be satisfied with the work they do for you, you will be spared the frustration of potential legal issues later on. 

What Is the Cost, and How Is It Calculated?

Costs can vary greatly depending on the market condition of your specific area and current fuel costs. Further, snow removal services, in general, do not use a well-developed pricing system, which can make things difficult for snow removal contractors and customers alike. Even if the price you are quoted is reasonable and within your budget, you should still ask how it was calculated, or you might be caught off guard by adjustments made later on. 

Can You Provide a Contact List of References?

The best way to get an idea of how a company operates doesn’t come from the company itself, but rather the people they have helped in the past. Reach out to their previous clients and listen to any concerns they had as well as what they liked about the company. Make sure to listen to multiple testimonies, not just the first two or three names on the list. You can also look online for reviews on sites such as Yelp or the company’s social media pages if they have any.

How Do You Prioritize Clients and Projects? Are My Needs Considered High Priority?

Chances are you are one of many clients that the company is serving. Snow removal contractors will need to prioritize the different assignments which they take on, and you might not be as high on the list as you would like. If you have any special needs or concerns be sure to communicate them right away so contractors have all the information they need to better understand your situation and make a well-informed decision when scheduling you in. 

At Victory, we use small equipment and never use trucks. This takes more time but causes less damage to your yard and most importantly, our residential snow customers end up with an overall better job – we call that a Victory!

There are many other questions that you can ask a snow removal contractor before hiring them, but this list should give you a general idea of who they are and the quality of the services that they provide. If you have further questions about snow removal services for Michigan companies such as your own, don’t hesitate to contact Victory Lawnscape today.

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