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Victory's Lawn Grub Control

Grubs can become a major problem for the health and appearance of your lawn.  Grubs (and other similar insects) eat the grass’s roots when they are worms.  When they turn into adult beetles, they proceed to eat the leaves of other prized plants in your garden.  The damage caused by a grub problem can include dead patches of grass, a spongy feeling when walking on the lawn, turf that can easily be separated from the underlying soil, and animals such as birds, skunks, or moles digging in your lawn to eat the grubs.

Victory Lawnscape uses an annual application that provides season-long control of grubs and other root-feeding insects.  Grub control is typically applied in June each year.  Don’t let grubs undermine all the hard work and resources you put into making your lawn and garden healthy.  Click below to get an estimate on our grub control service today. 

grub control

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