Grub Control Michigan

Is your yard brown and patchy? 

Do you have unusually soft areas across your lawn? 

Are there some holes and scars in your turf you haven’t seen before? 

If so, chances are you need immediate grub control in Michigan.

Lawn grubs are one of the most damaging types of insect pests. These tiny, elusive, C-shaped critters are the larval stages of different beetle species, such as June beetles, Japanese beetles, and European chafers.

While grubs are dormant in winter, they come out of their slumber when the weather starts to warm up. Once they’re active, grubs eat the roots of grass and other foliage, inflicting extensive damage. 

grub control

If your grass is already lush, a few white grubs won’t harm it too much. However, a higher count of them can lead to more pressing problems, such as:

  • Yellowing grass 
  • A lawn that looks drought-stricken 
  • Increasing number of moths and beetles 
  • More pests in your yard 

To spot grubs, use a shovel to dig up a section of your lawn and look for white patches. In case you see them, you’ve got an infestation, even if you haven’t noticed any visible signs of damage. 

Left untreated, a grub problem can seriously damage your lawn’s health, appearance, and natural defenses. Even a handful of grubs can wreak havoc on a healthy yard, meaning you must resolve the problem before it spirals out of control. 

That’s why you need Michigan grub control!

Reputable grub control services can help you take back your lawn, whether by removing the grubs currently snacking on your grass or preventing future damage. A little proactive maintenance can go a long way in minimizing costly damage. 

So, where do you find the best grub control for lawns in Michigan? At Victory Lawnscape, of course!

The Grub Control Consultants at Victory Lawnscape

Victory Lawnscape’s comprehensive grub control programs offer homeowners a highly effective solution to pesky grub infestations. We use an annual application that keeps your lawn grub-free for the entire season.  

Here’s the million-dollar question, what can you expect from grub treatment in your area?  

It’s simple. Effective grub control services can: 

  • Stop existing grubs from ruining your turf 
  • Nip future grubs in their larval stage 
  • Minimize the damage caused by skunks, birds, raccoons, voles, and other pests that feed on grubs 
  • Improve your lawn’s health

When you pick Victory Lawnscape’s grub control Michigan services, you get to work with experts who will use their knowledge and experience to pinpoint your grub problem and keep it in check. Having served Southeastern Michigan for decades, we know exactly how to protect your precious turf. 

When do you apply grub control in Michigan?

Because lawn grubs feast on yards in the late summer or early fall, it’s best to schedule grub control in June. Be sure to book your appointment with us as early as possible!

Why choose
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Here at Victory Lawnscape, our name means everything and we don’t take that lightly. We are Southeastern Michigan’s premier residential lawn maintenance service company, weekly mowing, and lawn fertilization program provider. We take pride in our impeccable attention to detail and our promise to provide the best customer experience in the industry. Make your home a victory today!

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We know how hard you work to keep your lawn in shape. Don’t let a grub problem ruin your efforts. Victory’s lawn care services are customized to handle your yard’s unique issues, from Michigan grub control to trimming and hedging. We will pull all the stops to ensure your turf looks healthy, lush, and thick all year round. 

Besides grub control in Michigan, we also offer weekly mowing, seeding, sod installation, mulching, aeration, and more to address your lawn care needs. With us, you get optimal services at affordable rates.

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