Landscape Removal

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Residential landscape removal can happen one of two ways: it is either planned work, or it is the result of other landscaping work. When you have any time of landscaping work done to your property -particularly hardscape renovations such as sod installation, designing interlocking driveways, or adding features to a swimming pool- you are often required to move or remove various natural obstacles. Obstacles removed during these one-time overhauls of the landscape include shrubs, rocks, weeds, and other forms of debris.

Planned landscape removal is often done on a regular basis, happening consistently as well as after major events such as harsh inclement weather and changing seasons. It is only natural for trash and natural byproducts to accumulate on your lawn, especially if you maintain a garden or have trees and shrubbery. Letting these things continue to accumulate might seem relatively harmless, but consistent cleanup is the key to a happy and healthy lawn and garden.

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Landscape Removal

Benefits of Residential Landscape Removal

Reduces the risk of infestation. Less debris on your lawn means that there are fewer places for unwanted critters to make themselves at home, and less material for them to eat or lay eggs in. Some creatures which do this, namely insects, can attract the attention of much bigger animals, namely rodents and birds, whose hunting habits can cause serious damage to your lawn.

Property value and curb appeal increase. Maintaining a pristine garden and having a well-kept lawn are some of the fastest, easiest, and most cost-efficient ways to improve the appearance and overall value of your property.

Safety and damage prevention. If leaves accumulate in your gutters or debris is blocking your storm drains, your lawn and even your home can experience some damage later on. Damage that follows a huge storm, like fallen branches or uprooted plants, can pose safety hazards to you, your family, and your pets. A clean and clear yard is the best yard of all.

Tree and yardscape removal. Sometimes storms can uproot more than just smaller plants. A damaged tree can also pose a big safety hazard and should be removed right away. Other times trees are simply too old, sick, or they get in the way of other landscaping work you want to have done. Trees and stumps can also become unsightly over time.

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