Sod Installation

Victory's Sod Installation Services

Victory Lawnscape’s team of experts makes sod installation fast and simple. It will bring new life to your lawn. Before any sod can be applied the existing lawn must be removed. Lawn prep also requires the removal of all weeds and other plants. After it is removed we till and grade the bare soil. We then lay the sod, making sure that the application is even and secure. 

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Caring For Your New Lawn

After the sod has been installed, our team will review the aftercare process with you. It involves:

  • Watering regularly
  • Not walking on the sod until the roots are established
  • Wait until it is roughly three inches before you mow it
  • Apply fertilizer every time after mowing


Despite being fairly low-maintenance, sod yields incredible results in a very short amount of time. 

Sod Vs. Seeding

The alternative to sod installation is seeding. There are many advantages to using sod instead of grass seed. The primary advantages include:

  • There are no weeds in sod. Grass seeds that are still growing, on the other hand, means your lawn will not be as strong. It is the perfect environment for weeds to grow and thrive, depriving your lawn of the nutrients it needs. Our high-quality sod has no weeds in it, and new weeds will not be able to break through.
  • You have more control over erosion. Sod firmly holds the soil in place, protecting it from inclement weather and runoff. Sod works on slopes and areas which are already eroded, as well as even surfaces. Grass cannot offer the same protection unless the roots are established.
  • You will see results sooner. Grass seed can take ten to twelve weeks in order to yield the desired results. A newly seeded lawn will require one full growing season to become fully mature and strong enough to endure lawn traffic. Sod installation is immediate, and it fully establishes itself in as early as six weeks.

Seeding is not inferior to sod installation, but it’s more appealing to people who have a green thumb and patience for the ideal final results.

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