Lawn Sprinkler Winterization Services in Michigan

Sprinklers are crucial to creating and maintaining a lush, green lawn. Not only do they make it incredibly easy to irrigate your trees/shrubs, but also help conserve water by directing it exactly where and when it’s needed. This also prevents soil compaction and nutrient loss. 

But given how cold it can get in Michigan, winterizing your sprinklers should rank high on your list of priorities. Otherwise, you might end up with an expensive repair bill.  

Here’s why sprinkler winterization in Michigan is important. 

Because water expands once it freezes, any component of your sprinkler system can burst during the first hard freeze of the year. If you’re lucky, this may only cause a few places of localized, repairable damage. However, the common scenario is that non-winterized lawn sprinkler systems must be replaced or majorly restored. 

More importantly, failing to winterize your sprinkler system can lead to a frozen manifold, which is the apparatus at the heart of the sprinkler system comprising the main pipe and adjoining valves. If the water freezes inside the central pipe, it will likely take out the entire core of your sprinkler system. You’ll then have to replace the whole thing, which is both labor-intensive and costly. 

Now that you know why sprinkler winterization services are non-negotiable, it’s time to get to it. But how? And when?

Victory Lawnscape's Lawn Sprinkler Winterization Services​

Lawan sprinkler winterization actually happens in the fall, because it’s best done before the first hard freeze of the year. Choose a day at the end of summer to definitively finish watering your lawn and winterize your sprinklers before the cold sets in. The only downside of this method is that you risk underwatering your backyard. 

The other way is to keep an eye on the weather. Check monthly forecasts and keep an eye out for temperature dips. Once you feel the winter weather coming, call for sprinkler winterization ASAP. Be sure you book your appointment well in advance to have enough time before pipes could freeze.

Now for the ‘how’ bit. Prepping your lawn sprinkler systems involves removing all the water from the system, disconnecting the water supply, draining the sprinklers, blowing out the air compressor, and dismantling some of the components for the winter. 

We’ll be honest here. You can certainly handle some of the prep work for sprinkler winterization yourself. However, most instructional websites strongly recommend calling in a professional lawn care service to take on the job, especially if you are using the blow-out drainage method. 

And that is where Victory Lawnscape’s local sprinkler winterization service comes in! 

Our team of experts can help you winterize your sprinkler and irrigation system, no questions asked. The goal is to save you extensive repairs down the line.

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When To Winterize Your Sprinklers?

You want to have your lines completely blown out before the first hard freeze. A hard freeze occurs when the air outside drops below 28℉. If there is still water inside your sprinkler and irrigation system during these weather conditions, pipe freezing can occur. It is generally recommended to have your system winterized at least one week before the first freeze of the year hits. We recommend that you begin preparing as early as October.

What Freezing Temperatures Can Do to Your Sprinkler System?

Frozen Pipes

If pipes are not blown out it is likely that the remaining water inside will freeze. The freezing water will have no room as it expands, leading to cracks and bursts. Frozen pipes are very expensive to repair as most pipes are underground.

Frozen Sprinklers

Water inside a sprinkler head can freeze, causing the sprinkler head to pop off as the ice expands. Any remaining water inside the plastic body can cause it to crack as it freezes. Ice can also accumulate inside the supply tube which pushes the nozzle aboveground. If your sprinkler head experiences any of these issues you will need to replace it with a new unit.

Frozen Manifolds

The manifold consists of a main pipe and several attached valves. If water freezes inside of the main pipe both the pipe itself as well as the attached valves may be damaged. Replacing a broken manifold requires more labor than any other sprinkler and irrigation system repair work.

Like most property enhancement or renovation projects, it is possible to take care of sprinkler winterization on your own. However there are dangers involved in using the blow-out method, so it is best that you leave it to a properly trained specialist. If you want to make sure that the job is done right, contact the professional property enhancement team at Victory Lawnscape to prepare your sprinkler system for winter.

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