Weekly Bed Weeding

Victory's Weekly Bed Weeding

Flowers and ornamental plants bring color into our lives and make our yards feel like gardens.  But as anyone who has spent time in a garden knows, Michigan has a wide variety of weeds and nuisance plants that grow quickly. It doesn’t take long for weeds to transform flower beds from picturesque to poorly maintained.

Staying ahead of weeds during their prime growing season requires frequent attention. Victory Lawnscape’s weekly bed weeding service is a great supplement to our other landscaping services that ensures your flower beds look as pristine as your lawn, shrubs, and trees.  No chemicals are used during weekly bed weeding.

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Why Regular Flower Bed Weeding Matters

Maintaining pristine flower beds requires a commitment to regular weeding. At Victory Lawnscape, we understand the significance of a weed-free landscape, not just for aesthetics but also for the overall health of your plants and flowers.

Benefits of Frequent Weed Pulling

Weeds compete with your plants for nutrients and water, stunting their growth and potentially causing long-term damage. Our systematic bed weeding approach ensures that flower beds not only look beautiful but also thrive in a healthy environment. Experience the immediate and lasting benefits of our services, enhancing the visual appeal and longevity of your garden.

How Often Should You Pull Weeds?

The frequency of weeding depends on the type of plants, local climate, and soil conditions. As a general rule, we recommend regular bed weeding once per week to prevent weed overgrowth and maintain the health of your garden. Our team at Victory Lawnscapes will assess your specific needs and create a customized weeding schedule tailored to ensure optimal results for your unique landscape.

Why Work With Victory Lawnscapes?

Choosing Victory Lawnscapes for your bed weeding needs means choosing a team of seasoned landscapers. With years of experience, we have honed our skills in the art of lawn maintenance, employing environmentally friendly techniques that guarantee the removal of weeds without harming your plants. Our personalized approach ensures that each client receives a tailored solution to address their specific weeding requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it better to pull weeds or mow them?

Manual weed pulling is more effective than mowing because it extracts the entire weed, eliminating roots and preventing regrowth. Manual pulling ensures a cleaner, longer-lasting solution for a well-maintained lawn.

Should landscapers pull weeds?

Yes, weed pulling plays a crucial role in maintaining a healthy and visually appealing yard! This manual approach ensures the removal of weeds at their roots, preventing them from competing with desirable plants for nutrients and space.

Do you spray Roundup before or after pulling weeds?

It’s recommended to spray Roundup after manually pulling weeds. Applying the herbicide post-pulling ensures that Roundup directly targets the exposed roots, increasing its efficacy and minimizing the chances of weed resurgence. This two-step process provides a comprehensive and long-lasting solution to weed management.

Do you use chemicals in your weeding process?

We offer both organic and chemical-free options, providing a customized solution based on your preferences and the unique needs of your garden.

What sets Victory Lawnscapes apart from other landscaping companies?

Our proven track record, satisfied clients, and dedication to personalized service make us the go-to choice for exceptional bed weeding services.


Summer in Michigan is precious and short.  Don’t spend it on your hands and knees pulling weeds. Let Victory Lawnscape do it for you!

Why choose
Victory Lawnscape?

Here at Victory Lawnscape, our name means everything and we don’t take that lightly. We are Southeastern Michigan’s premier residential lawn maintenance service company, weekly mowing, and lawn fertilization program provider. We take pride in our impeccable attention to detail and our promise to provide the best customer experience in the industry. Make your home a victory today!