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Signs Of A Mosquito Infestation

Summertime is arguably everyone’s favorite time of the year. However, the prevalence of mosquitoes can make it hard for people and their families to enjoy a barbeque or time in the pool. There are simple measures that you can take to prevent a mosquito infestation in your yard, but once there is a mosquito infestation those measures might not be enough to get rid of them. Here are some common indicators that you are experiencing an infestation of mosquitos on your property. 

Mosquito Infestation

Mosquitos in Your Home

If you have mosquitos in your home then there is no doubt that they have already infested your yard. The occasional mosquito is not a cause for concern as they can easily enter through any open door or window. If you are frequently finding them indoors however then you should take immediate action to have them removed from your property. You should be particularly mindful of the kitchen, as they are attracted to sweet foods like fruit.

Check for bite marks and frequent scratching too.  They are very active at night so you become a much easier target when you are asleep.

Mosquitos in Shaded Areas

Common house mosquitos are most active at night because sun exposure will dehydrate them. That said, if there are enough of them breeding on your property then they will become more active no matter the time of day. They still prefer dark and cool places though so they will likely hang out anywhere with lots of shade or dimmer lighting, such as a patio or wooded area.

Constant Buzzing Noises

Not all mosquitos take blood, and when they do it is for a very specific reason. Mosquitoes survive on sweet things like nectar, but female mosquitos use the protein and iron in the blood they collect to produce their eggs. Mosquitos can lay 100-300 eggs at a time and these eggs can hatch within 48 hours. If you can constantly hear their very distinct buzzing sound then there are too many active mosquitos nearby.

Standing Water on Your Property

Standing water is not a sign of mosquitos, but it is where they lay their eggs. Stay vigilant and take care of any standing water you find. Be careful when emptying out the water though, as some mosquitoes lay their eggs in moist soil. Once that soil is flooded the eggs will hatch.  

Preventative Measures Are Not Enough

You can try candles, essential oils, and repellents as preventative measures to varying degrees of success. If you keep encountering mosquitos in spite of your preventative actions then it is time to call in a specialist. Victory Lawnscape goes right to the source of the issue by using a mosquito spray that targets eggs as well as adult mosquitos. To learn more about how we can protect you and your loved ones this summer, contact us today.

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