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Spring Lawn Care Checklist

The warmth of spring will be here before you know it. The change of seasons also means it’s time to pay special attention to your lawn. Depending on where you live, winter conditions might have taken a lot out of your lawn. Melting snow might also result in muddy yards, creating a mess for you to clean up.

Spring is a season of rebirth and renewal. It’s the perfect time to restore your lawn and prepare it for the rest of the year. 

Follow this spring lawn care checklist to ensure your grass thrives throughout the green season.

  • Rake the yard: Winter snow, rain, and wind can cover your lawn with debris. Raking up leaves and branches when the property is dry can help your grass get the sunlight it needs. It’s essential to use a leaf rake so that you don’t damage the grass. 
  • Test your soil: Finding out what kind of fertilizer you’ll need requires testing the soil’s nutrient levels. The lawn care professionals at Victory Lawnscape can perform this testing for you. 
  • Weed: Getting rid of weeds now can help prevent them from growing throughout the year. Weeding is also recommended if you plan on seeding your lawn. 
  • Seed: If any sections of your lawn are dead, you might want to sow those areas. You can also seed your lawn as needed throughout the year. 
  • Feed: Applying the appropriate fertilizer at the right time can be essential in keeping your lawn healthy and looking its best. Spring is a great time to do this. It’s important to note that some fertilizers contain weed control. If you’ve already used herbicides to kill your weeds, then keep this in mind. 
  • Perform lawnmower maintenance: Proper upkeep of lawnmower blades can result in a cleaner cut each time. Checking and adjusting the blade height can also be beneficial. 
  • Mow as needed: Lawns usually need more mowing in the spring, but you shouldn’t mow them on a set schedule. Letting grass grow until it needs cut can result in a lusher lawn. 
  • Water your lawn: It’s recommended to water lawns early in the day during the spring months. Grass typically requires an inch of water per week.
  • Clean up any lawn cuttings: Layers thicker than one inch can shield grass from sunlight and impede its growth.
  • Enjoy your hard work: If you’ve worked to get your lawn in shape, then you should step back and admire your efforts. You’ve earned the moment!

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