The customer authorizes all work initialed to be performed by Victory Lawnscape, LLC or its subcontractors (“Victory”). Said work will continue to be performed by Victory until said services are canceled by either party. Victory reserves the right to cancel this contract at any time. In addition, this contract can be canceled at any time by the customer by providing Victory 48 hours’ notice in writing of your intent to cancel the contract. Finally, Victory retains the right to adjust the pricing of this contract from year to year. In the event said pricing changes, customer will be provided a 30-day written notice. If the customer does not respond to said notice during that 30-days, customer will be subject to that change in pricing. 

Victory is not responsible for damage to underground plumbing or wiring of any kind. Furthermore, Victory will not be liable for sprinkler heads damaged due to improper installation or malfunction. Any damages to customer property that occur while Victory crews are on site, must be reported to Victory within 48 hours by contacting our office. All damages will be assessed regarding the extent of our responsibility, then repairs will be made or customer will be reimbursed. Damages must be reported before repairs are made or the reimbursement of costs will be subject to denial. 

If customer wishes to skip a service, a 48 HOUR NOTICE is required. Sprinklers must NOT be run on scheduled cut day. Cut day is subject to change due to inclement weather and holidays. Routes/cut days are set according to geographic location and are subject to change. 

All fertilization, aeration, and sprinkler services are performed by independent contractors that Victory works with. All sprinkler repair services will be billed separately as labor and materials. Customers selecting less than the 5 application fertilization program will be charged the per application price for each additional visit. You will still be billed by Victory for these services rendered, and any all issues relating to this work should still be addressed with Victory. NexGreen, 1653 Star Batt Dr, Rochester Hills MI 48309, 248-918-5160 will perform all fertilizer services. With respect to the tree and shrub work done at your home, this work refers to shrubs, ornamental trees, and trees 40 feet and under only. Natural / wooded areas are not included in these application prices. 

From time to time you may be charged additionally for services in the event either of the following occur: First, if it is a first time cut for new sod or if we cut sod that has excessive growth (from being skipped), an additional charge for the time spent cutting that lawn plus a $40 disposal fee will be added to the invoice. Second, a 5% fuel surcharge will be added for each month when the average cost of fuel for the month is over $3.00 per gallon. 


With respect to payment, you have two options: 

  1. You can prepay for the entire season. By doing so, any fuel surcharges that may occur during the year would be waived. The prepayment can be made by check or credit Card. Work will not begin until the check is received, or credit card is processed by Victory. 
  2. As an alternative, we do monthly autopay using a credit card or debit card that you provide to us. By using this method, you agree to allow us to charge your credit or debit card on a monthly basis for any and all work that was performed that month. Said payment will be taken between the 1st and 5th day of the following month for any and all work that was performed the prior month. 

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