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The Advantages of Using One Company to Service All of Your Lawn Maintenance Needs

Your lawn might seem like an afterthought for those passing through your neighborhood, but homeowners know that this is far from the case. 

Maintaining your lawn is often a full-year process, and keeping your grass pest-free, green, properly trimmed, and healthy overall can be a challenge if you don’t have the time on your hands. 

That’s why homeowners often trust lawn maintenance companies to handle their lawn care. But taking care of your lawn is more than just sowing seeds and making sure the grass is cut every week. 

There are plenty of other upkeep that needs to be done, and residents often end up outsourcing those jobs to separate companies. We’re here to tell you that consolidating all your lawn care needs to one company is actually beneficial in the long run, both for your pockets and the health of your lawn. 

In this article, we’ll be looking at why you should hire a single company to take care of your lawn maintenance needs. 

What Services Can Lawn Maintenance Companies Typically Perform?

So what services do lawn maintenance companies provide in the first place? As we alluded to earlier, there are plenty of services that your lawn needs to stay healthy throughout the year. Let’s take a look at a few of those here:

Weekly Lawn Mowing

Mowing the lawn is probably the first service that comes to mind when discussing lawn maintenance companies. Whether you’ve had it done by someone else all your life or grew up mowing your own lawn, it’s a staple of American life. 

High-quality trimming and edging are crucial for keeping that clean-cut look for your lawn. Cutting grass also involves a lot of grass clippings littering your sidewalks, driveways, and beds. Lawn maintenance companies use blowers to remove those clippings and keep the area around your house nice and clean. 

Lawn Fertilization

Simply cutting your lawn every week won’t make it resistant from insects and other harmful substances. That’s why lawn fertilization is done every season, to promote thicker, healthier, and weed-free lawns. 

Lawn maintenance companies fertilizers for you for drought and insect-free lawns. Your lawn will withstand more wear and tear, and fertilizer also keeps unwanted weeds out of your front yard. 

Insect Spray and Pest Control

Mosquitos are almost unavoidable in the summer, but they tend to populate your front lawn and endanger both your family and your pets. Lawn maintenance companies help keep everyone safe from mosquito-related viruses with anti-bug spray. 

Similarly, ants and spiders can crawl into your front lawn from the perimeter and risk getting into your home. Lawn maintenance companies can apply anti-pest spray around your home to keep those vermin out. 

Spring and Fall Cleanup

The spring and fall seasons see a lot of unwanted leaves, debris, and plants on household lawns. Maintenance companies can help you keep a fresh look by blowing away leaves in the fall and removing weeds and other annuals whenever they arise. 

Doing so will set you up for the winter and summer months. 

Why You Should Hire One Company for All Lawncare Services

Now that we’ve got the basics in order, the question becomes: why should I trust a single company for all these services?

A lot of it comes down to consistency and cost-effectiveness. It also takes away a lot of stress and labor from the homeowner by having one company handle much of your lawn care needs. Let’s take a look at these advantages here:

Using One Company to Service All of Your Lawn Maintenance

Better Understanding of Your Needs

When you hire a single lawn maintenance company for your lawn care needs, chances are they’re going to jot down specific things about your home that need to be addressed. 

Your lawn might have certain tendencies, and explaining them to a different lawn maintenance company every time can be tiresome. Failing to do so at all might end with improper care. 

Sticking with one company for all your needs means that the caretakers will know what your lawn needs and will cater their services accordingly. They’ll also take note of your specific preferences, like how high you’d like your grass to be trimmed. 

Save Money

If you’re paying 5 different firms for all your different lawn care services, chances are the variance in all the prices are going to add up. If you stick with a single company, you have a better idea of what the caretakers’ rates are. 

This helps you adjust your budget accordingly, and have a better idea of how you can spend your money each season. Eventually, you’ll find yourself saving money and maybe even getting some longtime client discounts. 

Less Labor, More Time

Contracting all your lawn maintenance work to a single company takes away a lot of unnecessary stress. Contacting a handful of different contractors to do your lawn work can get confusing and the billing might leave you stressed. 

Consolidating everything to a single company means easier logistics. Plus, you won’t have to worry about handling the lawn care yourself!

Get All the Advantages of Lawn Maintenance From a Company You Can Trust

As such, hiring a single lawn care company to handle your lawn maintenance needs reaps plenty of rewards. Maintaining your grass isn’t an easy task, but consolidating all the necessary services to one company means greater savings and a beautiful front lawn. 

Looking for reliable lawn care maintenance companies in your area? Contact us and we can help you out today!

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