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What Month Should You Start Mowing Your Lawn?

It can be quite exciting when the first signs of spring start to show on your lawn. Unfortunately, you really should wait until your entire lawn is actively growing. This is particularly important in early spring since the random frosty morning can kill freshly cut, barely active grass. It’s almost just as necessary to provide an early spring feeding before mowing your lawn. This helps provide proper nutrients diminished after the wet, cold winter months. 

Preparing for Weekly Lawn Maintenance

When the grass starts growing again, it is the perfect time to prep all your landscaping tools. Sharpen the mower blades, change the fluids, and complete any fine-tuning. Also, be sure to check your trimmer, clippers, blowers, and other tools. Ensure proper feeding of your lawn occurs for weed control. Then, wait patiently for the grass to grow.

The First Mow

When the daily temperature remains above 40 degrees, and grass has grown to at least 2 inches, it is time for the first mow of the season. Depending on your grass variety, adjust your mower blade to the proper height. As a general rule, do not cut off more than one-third of the height of the grass. Cutting off any more can cause trauma and stress to the grass’s roots. It is acceptable and often recommended to leave some grass clippings on the lawn to act as a natural fertilizer. 

Regular Lawn Mowing

After the first mow, it will probably be two weeks before the second mow. During April, mowing will continue every two weeks, then gradually work up to May’s weekly mowing. Weekly lawn maintenance should include mowing, feeding, watering, edging, and weed prevention. 

Additional Lawn Maintenance Tips

To keep your grass mowing length clean and even, be sure the grass is dry from the morning dew, rainy day, or regular watering cycle. Cutting wet grass not only clogs up the best of mowers, but the grass also bends too quickly and will look roughly cut with random, uneven areas. For your grass and stress level, wait until the late afternoon or early evening hours to mow. It’s essential to water landscaping outside the hottest hour(s) of the day to allow water to sink into the ground rather than evaporating in the heat of the sun.

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