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Why Fall Cleanup Is So Important For Your Lawn

We have reached the time of year where we need to start thinking seriously about fall cleanup. It’s a chore that none of us enjoy doing, but neglecting to clear up your yard in autumn results in much more than unkempt property. All of that organic debris can cause serious problems for your lawn later on. Before you choose to put it off for another day, consider these reasons why fall cleanup is so beneficial for your property.

Importance of Fall Cleanup

Insects Love Moisture

Moisture will quickly accumulate underneath those layers of leaves in either spring or autumn, and that moisture is bound to attract all sorts of insects. These insects can be annoying or creepy at best, but if they get too cozy they can harm the grass and other plants on your property.

There are some species of insects whose eggs are laid in the summer and hatch in the autumn, including grubs. Over the summer the adults can cause damage that does not go noticed right away, but that damage will become noticeable by autumn. When you’re cleaning up your yard to prevent new bug problems, keep an eye out for signs of existing insect damage such as irregularly shaped patches of dead turf.

Insects Lay Eggs Beneath Natural Debris

As if the adult insects were not enough of an issue, it is only inevitable that they will start laying their eggs once they make a home for themselves. It can reach a point where you may need treatment to have insects removed from your lawn before they do any more damage. These potential infestations need to be addressed right away, because once winter rolls around your lawn won’t be in a treatable state. Come spring, your plants might struggle to grow.

Pests Love Cluttered Environments

Rodents like to hide underneath the shelter that layers of fallen leaves provide. Others like to come digging around for any insects or insect eggs; this might remove one issue but you are trading it in for another, as pests can easily damage your lawn by digging and burrowing. Not only that, but pest problems in your yard can quickly lead to pest problems inside of your home.

Mold and Fungus Thrive

Anywhere there is excess moisture, there is a chance for mold and fungal growth. Much like insects, mold or fungus can damage your lawn right before it goes dormant for the winter, making it impossible to properly treat until the following year. It’s not uncommon to find yourself facing multiple issues with mold, bugs, and pests at the same time. If you are in need of professional help removing any unwanted critters or would like expert fall cleanup to prevent growths and infestations on your lawn, contact Victory Lawnscape today for your free estimate.

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